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Bi-annual English journal specialized in the Asian steel industry, which features current issues, interview with steel guru, and market forecast and analysis

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On the Cover

How Steel is Helping to Achieve a Global Circular Economy

(Author: Clare Broadbent)

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On the Cover

Improving Sustainable Competitiveness in Preparation for a Circular Economy: The Case of POSCO

(Author: Yoon-Gih Ahn)

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On the Cover

Tata Steel Europe’s Approach to the Circular Economy in a Life Cycle Perspective

(Author: Paul Brooks, Peter Hodgson)

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On the Cover

Steel in a Circular Economy: Change, Impact, and Prospects

(Author: Yoon-Jung Chin)

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Challenges and Responses in the Chinese Steel Industry

(Author: Yu Yong)

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Special Report

Current Status and Future Prospects for the Japanese Steel Market

(Author: Kiyotaka Terashima)

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Featured Articles

The Asian Stainless Steel Market: Trends, Issues and Prospects

(Author: Chan-Wook Park)

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Featured Articles

The Decoupling of GDP and Steel Demand: Cyclical or Structural?

(Author: Cheol-Ho Chung)

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Market Trend and Analysis

A Comprehensive Survey of Steel Demand Forecasting Methodologies and their Practical Application for the Steel Industry

(Author: Ji-Mi Chu, Moon-Kee Kong, Center for Economic Research and Information Analysis)

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