[CHINDIA Plus Quarterly] Vol.17 (2014 Winter)

[CHINDIA Plus Quarterly] Vol.17 (2014 Winter)

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Special Report The Chinese Steel Industry in the New Normal Era

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Overcapacity has been a chronic problem in the Chinese manufacturing
sector. Investment in the steel industry surged in the aftermath of a
massive stimulus package during the global financial crisis, making
overcapacity even worse. Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced
that “China has ended its era of high economic growth and is shifting to
a new economic structure.” the Chinese manufacturing industry is
agonizing over a solution to the issue. this Special Report focuses on
the steel industry, investigating the progress of and forecast for manufacturing.

1. Will the New Environmental Law Ease Oversupply in China’s“Winner-takes-all” Steel Industry?
2. Chinese Steel Products Spill Over into the World Market and Raise global Trade Barriers 
3. China’s Steel Industry Has to Adapt to the New Normal of Low growth and Corporate Reform 
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