[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.2 (2016.10)

[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.2 (2016.10)

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On the Cover Accelerating Digital Transformation with Smart Factory to Unlock New Value: Case of POSCO

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In the face of the great paradigm shift brought on by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many Asian steelmakers are taking preemptive measures to maintain competitiveness and contribute to the advancement of manufacturing. POSCO is also one of the leading global steelmakers in this arena. POSCO is building the world’s first continuous-process steel plant model in its Gwangyang Steelworks plate factory that houses integrated processes for steelmaking, continuous casting, and rolling. POSCO has achieved major outcomes in the realization of a smart factory, such as the development of the “digital genome map” to tackle challenges of smart factory initiatives and the construction of PosFrame—POSCO’s smart factory platform for continuous process industries. It also has conducted various smart factory projects, including material to final product defect tracking, minimizing unnecessary scarfing in the continuous casting process, and new product development simulation in cyberspace.

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