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Bi-annual English journal specialized in the Asian steel industry, which features current issues, interview with steel guru, and market forecast and analysis

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On the Cover

Future Megatrends and the Steel Industry

(Author: Dongyong Choi)

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On the Cover

Understanding the New Mobility Paradigm

(Author: Hyung-Keun Park)

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On the Cover

Will the Shipbuilding Industry Flourish Again?

(Author: Eun-Chang Lee)

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On the Cover

Eyes on Energy Transition

(Author: Hyung-Keun Park)

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On the Cover

Future Cities and Changes in Steel Materials

(Author: Hoon-Sang Kim)

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On the Cover

The Steel Industry over the Next Two Decades

(Author: Moon-Kee Kong, Hang Cho)

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Beyond Survival to Success

(Author: John J. Ferriola)

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Special Report

Autosteel and the New Materials Competition

(Author: Peter Warrian)

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Featured Articles

The Impact of Sino-Indian Economic Cooperation on the Indian Steel Industry

(Author: Jeong-Seong Imm)

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Featured Articles

Chinese Steel Moves along the One Belt, One Road

(Author: Chang-Do Kim)

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Market Trend and Analysis

Measuring and Forecasting Steel Market Conditions with the POSRI Steel Index

(Author: Center for Economic Research and Information Analysis)

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