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POSRI Chidia Plus Quarterly provides useful information about the economy, business, industry, politics and society of Chindia.

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Congratulatory Message

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Cover Story

Along the Mekong An Economic Belt Beyond the River

(Author: Sang-Hyung Shim, Seung-Ki Chae, Dong-Cheol Sa, Kyung-Duk Park)

1. The Mekong Symbol of Infinite Potential
2. Mekong Logistics Network Economic Corridors
3. Cambodia is Ready to Leap from Poverty
4. From Landlocked Country to Land-linked Country
5. Still a Young Bride Courting Myanmar
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Issues & Analysis

The First Year of the Xi Jinping Administration Push-forward Reform In the Midst of Uncertainty

(Author: Man-soo Jee)

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Issues & Analysis

The Keystone of China’s New Leadership’s Policy: Human-centered Urbanization

(Author: Pil-soo Choi)

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Issues & Analysis

The Faltering World’s Factory 160,000 Labor Disputes in the First Quarter of This Year

(Author: Kwang-jin Oh)

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Issues & Analysis

Will the “Spring of Democracy” Lead to Economic Recovery?

(Author: Jeong-Seong Imm)

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Issues & Analysis

Korea Faces Challenges in Plans to Enter Russian Far East

(Author: Young-Il Oh)

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Issues & Analysis

Can the Chinese Cultural Contents Industry Take Off?

(Author: Dae-geun Lim)

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Special Report

Background and Performance of Indian Firms Entering the Korean Market

(Author: Moo-Sup Jung, Yoon-Jung Choi, Dae-Woo Lee)

1. Mahindra Ssangyong Showing Potential for Inclusive Growth
2. The Rise of Tata Daewoo, Made Possible through Localization and Synergy
3. Novelis Korea Prospers under Indian Company
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In-depth Asia

South China Sea Matters

(Author: Nguyen Phu Binh)

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Market Watch

New Markets to be Created by China’s “New Urbanization”

(Author: Han-jin Park)

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Market Watch

Hyundai Motors Fares Relatively Well, Ford and Volkswagen Struggle

(Author: Yong-Sig Kim)

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Market Watch

Jakarta, the Moving Parking lot

(Author: Kyung-Suh Park)

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About POSCO Research Institute

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