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POSRI Chidia Quarterly provides useful information about the economy, business, industry, politics and society of Chindia.

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Chindia Plus, a Bridge between Korea and Asia, Improving Understanding and Communication

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Cover Story

An Era of "Big Change," A New World is Coming

(Author: Sang-Hyung Shim, Kwang-Ki Kim, Ji-Seok Kim, Gwang-Soo Han , Yul Sohn, Kyung-Duk Park, Dae-Woo Lee, Jeong-Hoon Oh)

1. Big Change: The World is Changing
2. Global Doldrums: The World Economy Sprials Downward into a Prolonged Great Recession
3. Climate Change is an Issue of Survival: Polluting Companies Will Be Edged Out
4. Behind the Vision of "Pax Sinica," China's Expanding Black Hole
5. Conservatism and Nationalism Spread across East Asia
6. The Shale Revolution, Shifting the Geopolitics of Energy
7. Baby Boomer Retirement Diminishes Economic Vitality, Concerns of Long-term Recession Mount amidst Growing Bubbles
8. Low-skilled Workers Losing Ground: Only Jobs with Human Touch Will Survive in the Face of Technology Innovation
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Issues & Analysis

China's Response to Falling Global Oil Prices: Expanding Strategic Oil Reserves and Supporting Oil-producing Countries

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Issues & Analysis

Korea Should Cooperate Closely with Malaysia in its Look East Policy 2.0

(Author: Dae-Hyun Cho)

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Issues & Analysis

The Success of the Eurasian Economic Union Depends on Russia's Economy

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Special Report

Revival of "Rush to India": Will India's Economy Take Off?

(Author: Dae-Woo Lee)

1. With the 3 D's of Democracy, Demography, and Demand, India will Outshine China
2. Growth-focused China vs. Distribution-oriented India: Indian Youths Craving Change Will Lead Long-term Growth
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Market Watch

CHINA Air Purifier Market is Bright and Clear in Smog-choked China

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Market Watch

INDIA India's Auto Sales Recover Due to Falling Global Oil Prices and Launches of New Models

(Author: Yong-Sig Kim)

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About POSCO Research Institute

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