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Bi-annual English journal specialized in the Asian steel industry, which features current issues, interview with steel guru, and market forecast and analysis

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Special Report

Steel, Our Timeless Heritage

(Author: Ohjoon Kwon, CEO of POSCO)

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On the Cover

Understanding Incredible India

(Author: Chan-Wahn Kim )

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On the Cover

Opportunities and Challenges of the Indian Steel Industry in the Context of Future Growth

(Author: A.S.Firoz)

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On the Cover

Restructuring Scenario of the Indian Steel lndustry to Enhance Its Global Competitiveness

(Author: Jeong-Seong Imm)

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On the Cover

Can India Become the Next China?

(Author: Dae-Woo Lee)

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Rising Elephant: Tata and the Indian Steel Industry

(Author: Thachat Viswanath Narendran)

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Featured Articles

Legacy from European Restructuring Experiences and Its Implications to the Asian Steel Industry

(Author: Hou Jie)

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Featured Articles

The Korean Steel Industry in Retrospect : Lessons for Developing Countries

(Author: Dong-Cheol Sa, Cheol-Ho Chung)

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Featured Articles

Learning from the Experiences of the Japanese Steel Industry in the Lost Decades

(Author: Jin-Woo Lee)

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Market Trend and Analysis

Asian Steel Market Outlook: Flat Product Demand for the Next Ten Years

(Author: Center for Economic Research and Information Analysis, Ji-Mi Chu, Moon-Kee Kong)

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Flat Product Demand
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