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Bi-annual English journal specialized in the Asian steel industry, which features current issues, interview with steel guru, and market forecast and analysis


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Congratulations on the First Edition of Asian Steel Watch

(Author: Ohjoon Kwon, CEO of POSCO)

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Special Report

Revisiting the History of Steel Production Process and Its Future Direction

(Author: Chang-Oh Kang, Former President & CTO of POSCO)

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The New Normal Era and How to Survive It

(Author: Wolfgang Eder, Chairman and CEO of voestalpine AG)

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On the Cover

China's Steel Industry Meets the New Normal (all sub-articles included)

(Author: Byung-Kuk Ahn, Young Hun Choi, Jin-Seok Huh, Cheol-Ho Chung, Dae-Yub Nam, Li Wan-Yong , Li Xinchuang)

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On the Cover

Changing China’s Steel Industry in the New Normal

(Author: Byung-Kuk Ahn)

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On the Cover

China's Steel Enters "Peak Zone" : Arguments and Projections

(Author: Young Hun Choi)

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On the Cover

The Impact of China’s Early "Peak Steel" and Scrap Generation on Steel Raw Materials Prices

(Author: Jin-Seok Huh)

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On the Cover

China's Steel Exports, Reaching 100 Mt: What It Means to Asia and Beyond

(Author: Cheol-Ho Chung, Dae-Yub Nam)

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On the Cover

Dilemmas in Restructuring China’s Steel Industry

(Author: Li Wan-Yong )

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On the Cover

Chinese View on the New Normal

(Author: Li Xinchuang)

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Featured Articles

The Myth and Reality of Global Steel Overcapacity

(Author: Jun H. Goh, Moon-Kee Kong)

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Featured Articles

Q&A's with Dr. Rod Beddows

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Featured Articles

Korea's Next Big Manufacturing Leap: Innovation Based on Culture, Creative Workforce, and Technology

(Author: Hyun-Sung Park)

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Featured Articles

Increased Trade Barriers in Southeast Asia Following a Rapid Rise in Steel Imports

(Author: Ji-Sun Kim)

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Market Trend and Analysis

Asian Steel Market Outlook: Next Ten Years

(Author: Cheol-Ho Chung, Moon-Kee Kong, Bu-Sik Choi, Ji-Mi Chu, Center for Economic Research and Information Analysis)

The ASEAN Economy:Assessment and Outlook
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