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POSRI Chidia Quarterly provides useful information about the economy, business, industry, politics and society of Chindia.

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Anticipating China’s Power to Seek a Cooperation Model Rather Than the Half-cooked Theory of Reshaping the World Order

(Author: Seung-ryul Oh)

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Cover Story

Myanmar’s Reform Fatigue

(Author: Dae-Hyun Cho, Jun-Young Jang, Jae-Wan Cheong )

1. Due to Its Strategic and Economic Importance, Myanmar is Caught Between Superpowers
2. Reform in Myanmar is Losing Steam Amidst Opposition from Vested Interest Groups
3. Japan is a Trustworthy Partner to Myanmar, While ASEAN Increases Investment in Preparation for Economic Integration
4. Poorly Performing Korean Companies in Myanmar Need to Better Understand the Market
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Issues & Analysis

Incheon Asian Games: India Focuses on Domestic Leagues Rather Than International Sporting Competitions

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Issues & Analysis

Hampered by Ukraine Crisis, Russian Far East Development Should Attract More Private Investment

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Issues & Analysis

New Trade Landscape Unfolds in East Asia Under the Korea-Vietnam FTA

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Issues & Analysis

New India in the Year of Economic Recovery: Manufacturing Reform, Inclusive Growth, and Clean India

(Author: Jeong-Seong Imm)

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Issues & Analysis

Avoiding Faux-pas in Advertising: Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness of History Are Essential for Marketing in China

(Author: Yong-Sam Park)

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Issues & Analysis

Will Korea Take the Initiative in Addressing Climate Change Amidst Conflicting Interests Between Developed and Developing Countries?

(Author: Ji-Sun Kim)

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Special Report

The Chinese Steel Industry in the New Normal Era

(Author: Sang-Hyung Shim, Byung-Woo Lee )

1. Will the New Environmental Law Ease Oversupply in China’s“Winner-takes-all” Steel Industry?
2. Chinese Steel Products Spill Over into the World Market and Raise global Trade Barriers
3. China’s Steel Industry Has to Adapt to the New Normal of Low growth and Corporate Reform
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Market Watch

Steep Wage Increases Spur Investment in Industrial Robots in China

(Author: Zhu Xian)

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Market Watch

Modi’s Market Reform Depends on Whether Opposition Parties and State Legislatures are Persuaded

(Author: Yong-Sig Kim)

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Market Watch

China and Japan Invest Actively in Indonesia’s Major Construction Projects

(Author: Kyung-Suh Park)

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