CEO Message

POSCO Research Institute is dedicated to a better future for Korea and its companies.

Since its establishment in 1994, POSCO Research Institute (POSRI) has been working hard to develop Korea’s steel industry and enhance corporate competitiveness. As a result, POSRI has become a globally recognized think-tank for steel industry research. However, our research areas are not confined to steel. POSRI also conducts research in materials, energy, and other industries that will lead our society into the future. We also try our best to offer timely solutions to various economic and business issues in Korea and overseas.

The global economy has already entered an era of structural low growth. Both advanced and emerging countries are now facing great uncertainty. It is high time for companies to pursue not only sustainable growth, but also survival strategies. In order to overcome ever-intensifying competition, they must increase core competitiveness and develop differentiated business models and technologies.

In this uncertain business environment, POSCO Research Institute will serve as a compass for the survival and growth of Korean companies, including POSCO Group. We conduct in-depth research with a view to expanding analysis of global economic and industrial trends, and improving the accuracy of predictions. We also conduct research to set forward-looking agendas for national development and ensure their execution.

POSCO Research Institute has grown together with POSCO Group, accumulating expertise in economic and industrial research. POSRI is striving to be the world’s foremost research institute, communicating tirelessly with the world, and contributing to a better future for Korea and its companies.

Thank you.

Jun H. Goh
CEO & President
POSCO Research Institute




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