• Steel

    Steel strategy research, including investment environment & competition structure analysis
    Research on steel marketing—prices, distribution, market, and demand development
    Steel technology, production, and operation strategies
    Prospects for short- and long-term steel supply and demand, price forecasting, research on steel-consuming industries
    Optimized procurment strategies for raw and related materials
    Research on the future and driving force of the steel industry
    Steel-related business and alternatives to steel

  • Industry

    Competitiveness analysis and research on growth strategies. for each core business in the POSCO Group
    Synergy creation between industries and research on strategies to establish a highly efficient management system
    Megatrends related to future industry and technology, changes in the corporate competition structure
    Market analysis and research on new growth industries such as materials,. energy and infrastructure
    Analysis on competitors and research on advanced corporate strategies

  • Business Management

    Corporate innovation strategy, governance, company-wide risk management, corporate group-wide management diagnosis & consulting
    POSCO Way, corporate culture, leadership, and change management
    Strategic investment decision making, finance·accounting strategies, optimal capital structure
    HR strategies & development, nurturing talent, management-labor relations
    Global HR strategies & structure, HR policies
    Environment & carbon management, sustainable Management, corporate responsibility

    Business Management
  • Economic Research and Information Analysis

    Analysis of domestic and global economic environments and proactive trend analysis
    Research on short- to mid-term business environment & steel market forecasting and publication of economic outlook
    Measurement and analysis of economic, financial & policy risk indicators
    Management of POSCO affiliates’ domestic & overseas information and planning of information services

    Economic∙Information Analysis
  • Global Research

    Investment environment analysis of major countries, including China, India, and Indonesia
    Steel supply and demand, competition structure, and steel-consuming industries in major countries
    Research on global strategies and foreign investment strategies
    Support for the stabilization of POSCO Group’s global business and implementation of growth strategies
    Analysis of opportunities and risks of new investment areas
    Global market analysis via Beijing and Delhi Offices

    Global Research




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