[Chindia Plus Quarterly] Vol.13 (2013 Winter)

[Chindia Plus Quarterly] Vol.13 (2013 Winter)

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Cover Story Super-cycle in the Global Commodities Market, An Evolving Area of Technical and Market Innovation

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Since the end of the 19th century, the global commodities market has experienced
three long-term contractions and four expansions, and we are now going
through the fourth expansion period. After World Wars I and II and the
1970s oil shock, commodity prices soared due to decreased energy supplies.
However, the current super-cycle, which has lasted more than a decade, can
be attributed to increased demand. At the center of this trend lies China.

1. Strong Demand for Global Commodities: Energy Revolution May Lead to Global Political and Economic Changes 
2. Gold Prices to Fall in the Short Term, Industrial Material Prices to Rise: “Super-Cycle Will Persist in the Long Term Given Global Demand” 
3. “Shale Gas Revolution” in the U.S. Causes a Paradigm Shift 
4. Indonesia Emerges as the “Saudi Arabia of Nickel”: Increased Supply Brings Stability after Extreme Fluctuations 
5 Growing Concerns Due to Increased Demand, Climate Change, and Speculation: Grain Prices to Stabilize at Low Levels in First Half of 2014
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