[Chindia Plus Quarterly] Vol.15 (2014 Summer)

[Chindia Plus Quarterly] Vol.15 (2014 Summer)

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Cover Story No Eggs in One Basket: Foreign Companies leave China and Head Towards Vietnam

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Vietnam is waking from its slumber. The Vietnamese economy, frozen for the
past decade after a bubble burst, has been thawing since 2011, mainly due to
rapidly increasing foreign direct investment. Samsung Electronics has chosen
Vietnam as its new overseas smart phone production base to replace China.
Under the second Doi Mo reforms, Vietnam now faces the challenge of
cultivating a full range of industries from raw materials to finished goods.
Will Vietnam’s dreams be fulfilled?

1.Vietnam Stands at a Critical Juncture: Remain a Subcontracting Base or Pursue Economic Resilience?
2. Lured by Geographic Advantages and Financial Incentives, Foreign Investors Rush to Vietnam 
3. Vietnam’s Financial Market Stabilizes after Liberalization and Restructuring, Sustainable Growth Depends on Local Companies 
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