[CHINDIA Plus Quarterly] Vol.18 (2015 Spring)

[CHINDIA Plus Quarterly] Vol.18 (2015 Spring)

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Cover Story An Era of "Big Change," A New World is Coming

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<Chindia Plus 100th Anniversary Section>

1. Big Change: The World is Changing (Shim Sang-hyung)
2. Global Doldrums: The World Economy Sprials Downward into a Prolonged Great Recession (Kim Kwang-ki)
3. Climate Change is an Issue of Survival: Polluting Companies Will Be Edged Out (Kim Ji-seok)
4. Behind the Vision of "Pax Sinica," China's Expanding Black Hole (Han Gwang-soo)
5. Conservatism and Nationalism Spread across East Asia (Yul Sohn)
6. The Shale Revolution, Shifting the Geopolitics of Energy (Park Kyung-duk)
7. Baby Boomer Retirement Diminishes Economic Vitality, Concerns of Long-term Recession Mount amidst Growing Bubbles (Lee Dae-woo)
8. Low-skilled Workers Losing Ground: Only Jobs with Human Touch Will Survive in the Face of Technology Innovation (Oh Jeong-hoon)

- Source: Cover Story, Chindia Plus Quarterly Spring 2015 VOL.18
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