[CHINDIA Plus Quarterly] Vol.19 (2015 Summer)

[CHINDIA Plus Quarterly] Vol.19 (2015 Summer)

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Cover Story China's Electric Vehicle Industry

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China’s electric vehicle policy has been ineffectual for the last four to five years. Now China is resetting its policy target. On the public welfare and environmental fronts, China plans to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On the industrial front, it aims to go beyond gasoline and diesel vehicles and seek innovation in the automotive industry. This Cover Story looks closely into the ecosystem of China’s electric vehicle industry and China’s distribution policy.

1. Tesla Readjusts its China Strategy, While Local Companies are Doing Well in China's Electric Vehicle Market (Park Hyung-keun)
2. Driving the Development of China's Electric Vehicles (Jo Yun-taek)
3. Strategic Cooperation with Small Local Giants Can Help Companies Enter China, the World's Largest Secondary Battery Market (Park Jae-bum)

- Source: Cover Story, Chindia Plus Quarterly Summer 2015 VOL.19
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