POSRI경영경제연구 제12권 제3호 (2012.12)

POSRI경영경제연구 제12권 제3호 (2012.12)


A Study on the Structural Change in the Korean Assembly and Processing Sectors by the Input-Output Analysis: before and after Asian Crisis and Global Financial Crisis

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The objective of this study is to figure out the trends and properties of input-output indicators, and the structural change index(SCI) and technical diffusion index(TDI) in the Korean Assembly and Processing sectors(APMs) by the constant-priced input-output tables. Major findings of this study are as follows; First, the values of SCI based on the total output, and export ratios to the amount of each indicators of manufacturing sector have been showing the W-type’s ups and downs for the past 15 years from 1995 to 2009. The core sector affecting the values of SCI in terms of 2 indicators above were that of Electronic & electrical equipment through the whole period. Second, in case of small-sized classifications, the SCI values of sub-sectors within Electronic & electrical equipment have been largely changed during the Asian crisis, and those of sub-sectors within General machinery & equipment and Transportation equipment have been more fluctuated during the Global financial crisis. Third, SCI values and trends of Electronic & electrical equipment and Transportation equipment within APMs have been moved into the opposite direction. This is because that there are the relative gap of high export demand in case of Electronic & electrical equipment, and of high domestic consumption demand in case of the General machinery & equipment and Transportation equipment sectors. Lastly, in case of the values of TDI based on domestic  intermediate input coefficients, the trend of APMs has been similar to those of total output ratios, but those of sub-sectors within APMs, i.e, 4 medium-sized sectors have been comparatively different from that of whole APMs.

Keywords : Structural Change Index, Technical Diffusion Index, Input-Output Indicators, Asian Crisis and Global Financial Crisis, Assembly and Processing Sectors
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