[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.2 (2016.10)

[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.2 (2016.10)


On the Cover China is Shifting to the “Smart Factory of the World”

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To prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, represented by “Industry 4.0” in Germany and “Industrial Internet” in the USA, the Chinese government released the “Made in China 2025” policy in May 2015 and the “Internet Plus” action plan two months later. The Chinese government’s massive support makes the prospect of smart factories even brighter. It plans to designate two to three companies in each industry to support the construction of smart factories. Using its vast market as a bargaining chip in summit diplomacy, China induces cooperation from advanced global firms. As a result, China can elicit technological support for smart factories from advanced countries. However, it would take much time and energy to fully realize smart factories in China’s manufacturing and steel industries. Just as the explosive growth of China’s steel industry has shocked the world in the early 21st century, the world might be shocked again by China, if it successfully adopts Industry 4.0 and smart factories in the future.

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